is open

Mon-Sat: 11:00 AM - 10:00 P.M

Sun (Brunch): 7:00 AM - 2:00 P.M

Sun (Dinner): 2:00 PM - 8:00 P.M

Kitchen Hours:

Sun-Thurs: until 8:00 P.M

Fri-Sat: until 9:30 P.M

Serving Lunch & Dinner
7 Days A Week

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Saturday July 1st Ben Mikula 3pm-6pm
Sunday July 2nd Karaoke with Leigh Henry 3pm-6pm
Monday July 3rd Matt Vizzo 2pm-5pm
Tuesday July 4th Bobby Morrill 3pm-6pm
Sunday July 9th Acoustic Madness 2pm-5pm
Saturday July 15th Ray Vasso 2pm-5pm
Sunday July 16th Mike Loguidice 2pm-5pm
Saturday July 22nd No Strings Attached 3pm-6pm
Sunday July 23rd Botanical Blue 3pm-6pm
Saturday July 28th Joe Cristino 4pm-7pm
Saturday July 29th Dean and Jeremy 3pm-6pm
Sunday July 30th Guido Falivene 2pm-5pm


Saturday August 4th Joe Cristino 4pm-7pm
Saturday August 5th Acoustic Madness 3pm-6pm
Sunday August 6th Ben 2pm-5pm
Sunday August 11th Jason Gerrish 4pm-7pm
Saturday August 12th Karaoke with Leigh Henry 3pm-6pm
Sunday August 13th Botanica Blue 3pm-6pm
Sunday August 18th Tony Legg 4pm-7pm
Saturday August 19th Bobby Wheeler 3pm-6pm
Sunday August 20th Matt Vizzo 2pm-5pm
Sunday August 25th Accoustic Mafia 4pm-7pm
Saturday August 26th Bobby Morrill 3pm-6pm
Sunday August 27th Mike Loguidice 2pm-5pm


Saturday September 2nd Bobby Morrill 3pm-6pm
Sunday September 3rd Botanical Blue 3pm-6pm
Monday September 4th Steel Drum Band-Labor Day 4pm-7pm


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At The Beach House Grill we can host any type of event for all occasions including Golf Outings, Family Functions and more.

We can customize different packages for each event to suit your needs. If you would like further information about hosting an event with us,

please call or email us: | (203)-612-7134